We are excited to announce that Quality Computer Consulting is acquiring I.T. Business Services LLC, an I.T. company based in Draper, Utah. Its President, Steve Trauba, is retiring and after a long search for the right company, Steve chose our team to continue providing I.T. services to his clients.

In a letter to his clients announcing his retirement, Trauba shared why QCC I.T. is the right team to carry the torch from here.

“I care about you and it’s important to me that you continue to receive great customer service. I’ve spent the last year searching for a like-minded company that shares my values and I have complete confidence in the team at QCC I.T, a family-owned business who love their customers as much as I love mine,” said Trauba.

To ensure a seamless transition, Steve Trauba will continue to work with our team to ensure we provide the same network services he currently provides to his customers with no monthly price increases for at least two years. In addition, our team of five will now be able to provide them with additional services they didn’t have including managed desktop services and helpdesk support.

As President and CEO of Quality Computer Consulting, Scott McDonald is honored that Trauba would turn to QCC I.T. to care for his customers. “This says a lot about how other I.T. companies view QCC I.T. As a business owner myself, I see my clients as family and would want the very best for them if I was retiring. It’s a huge sign of respect that Steve would trust us with his clients and we welcome them into the QCC I.T. family,” said McDonald.

Both MSPs have services that are complementary and by combining these services, more specialized solutions and support will be available to existing and new clients alike. We look forward to serving you and providing even better I.T. solutions to help your business grow!

Here are some common Questions and Answers:

Can I request a meeting to connect with the new QCC I.T. team and to learn how things will be going forward?

Absolutely! Please reach out to Austin McDonald at 801.214.5023 or austin@qccit.com.

How will invoicing work going forward?

Effective July 3, 2021, you will begin to receive invoices from lisa@qualitycomputerconsulting.com at the beginning of each month. Your first new invoice from QCC I.T. will arrive on or about August 1, 2021.

When will invoicing change?

Invoicing will change July 3, 2021.

How can I pay for my invoices with QCC I.T.?

Invoices can be paid with check, credit card, or ACH

If we have auto pay via credit card set up right now with I.T. Business Services LLC, will we be able to continue that practice with QCC I.T.?

Yes. This is our preferred method. We do not charge a fee for credit card processing.

When will I receive my last invoice from I.T. Business Services LLC?

Your last invoice from I.T. Business Services LLC will be emailed to you on July 1, 2021.

How do I contact sales and support?

Submit a ticket –this is the best way to engage support. Creating a ticket notifies all technicians. The first available tech will contact you ASAP.

Can I text my support questions to QCC I.T. like I did with I.T. Business Services LLC?

Yes. You can text inquiries to (801) 320-7445

How do I request new or additional licenses or obtain training on environments like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365?

Contact our support team through one of the contact methods listed above.

Will the agreements (ex. Managed networks, Google Workspace, M365, etc.) that we had with I.T. Business Services LLC still be honored by QCC I.T.


Can I get telecom services, like phones and internet, through QCC I.T.?

Absolutely. We have amazing and affordable options that can meet any need.

Can I order new computers or other hardware through QCC I.T?

Yes. We will work with you to get exactly what you need.

What services does QCC I.T. provide that I.T. Business Services LLC did not?

QCC I.T. provides all the managed network solutions ITBS has provided in the past. We also provide managed service solutions for desktops, laptops, and servers. We preventatively maintain your computers and quickly resolve any problems you may encounter.